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Emma Fantazy, (FullHD 1080p), Before Sleeping 2 (mp4/338.79 Mb/2020) - May 30, 2019

Emma Fantazy, (FullHD 1080p), Before Sleeping 2 (mp4/338.79 Mb/2020) - May 30, 2019
Before Sleeping 2
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Gorgeous brunette Emma Fantazy is in her bathroom, getting ready for bed. She gazes at herself in the mirror and, feeling horny, unfastens her nightgown to bare small, perfect breasts with stiff nipples, and sheer bikini panties through which her shaved pussy is visible. Her hands roam over her beautiful, slender body.As she grabs the front of her underwear, yanking the crotch tight against her slit, she suddenly pees her panties – a golden stream jets out, soaking the fabric and the tile floor. Horny now, she begins to masturbate, peeing all the while as her fingers get to work. As they probe and pump her drenched folds, she sighs and moans, already in a state of intense bliss.Next, she gets naked – as she tosses her soaked panties aside, they hit the porcelain sink with a wet sound. Then Emma squats down, knees splayed wide, and continues to pleasure herself. She stretches her glistening-moist and swollen snatch wide open, using fingers from both hands to plow it. Then she sprawls on the wet floor, tasting her juices. With both legs raised, she takes herself to the brink of orgasm. Then, as she cums, she squirts out yet another stream of pee, moaning loudly as it splashes over her tender pink pussy. Satisfied and relaxed at last, she wets her hands in the puddle on the floor and strokes them over her legs and tits. Finally, she starts to clean herself up, admiring her post-orgasmic glow in the mirror as the movie fades to black...

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