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Lesya, (FullHD 1080p), Shoed 2 (mp4/581.36 Mb/2020) - Dec 06, 2019

Lesya, (FullHD 1080p), Shoed 2 (mp4/581.36 Mb/2020) - Dec 06, 2019
Shoed 2
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Kinky blonde Lesya is bound with wrist and ankle cuffs to a red leather X-frame. She’s wearing a tight black latex minidress that clings to her curves. The front is slashed open with criss-crossed chains, offering a view of her perfect breasts and a flash of nipple. The skirt is so short, her shaved pussy peeks out from under the hem. On her feet, she is wearing simple but sexy red patent pumps.After some squirming, she pulls a strap with her teeth to free one hand, then caresses her body, exposing even more of it in the process. Her fingers soon get busy in her slit and she sighs with pleasure and bites her lip as she masturbates. Then, with both hands loose, she sits on the wooden platform at the base of the cross and gets to work. One splays her pink while the other probes, gently and teasingly at first.She lies back, raises one leg – and we discover her real fetish is for her red shoes. She removes one and trails the shiny scarlet toe up her body to her mouth. Next, she rubs it over her pussy, before grinding it against her clit as her fingers pound inside. Now soaking wet, she dials the kink up to the next level, sucking on the spike heel and moving it in and out her mouth like she’s sucking cock. She sits up, legs splayed, and slips the heel inside of her snatch, screwing herself with it. It’s slender but widens near the top, and her other hand stretches her pussy around it as it takes care of her clit. Almost instantly, she’s on the brink of cumming but she holds back, tasting her juices off of the heel before squatting over it to ride it from above.Moaning, with the spike heel sunk deep in her pussy and the fingers of her free hand a blur, she frigs herself to an intense orgasm. Then she relishes the afterglow, caressing her body with the shoe and her hands, lost in erotic oblivion...

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