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Emma Fantazy, (FullHD 1080p), The Ritual 2 (mp4/372.73 Mb/2020) - Jan 27, 2019

Emma Fantazy, (FullHD 1080p), The Ritual 2 (mp4/372.73 Mb/2020) - Jan 27, 2019
The Ritual 2
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Sultry and sexy brunette Emma Fantazy sits cross-legged on her bed, looking at her tablet. Her makeup is sophisticated and she’s dressed in black pantyhose and a lightweight, open-fronted jacket that allows tantalizing peeks at her small, perfect breasts. She lies on her belly, flaunting rounded buns, and begins to play with her stiff nipples, wetting them with saliva then tweaking them and massaging her globes. Setting her tablet aside, she slides a hand down the front of her pantyhose, exposing her pierced navel as her manicured fingers get to work in her juicing, shaved pussy. Next, she gets on all fours, ass in the air, and reaches back between her thighs, stretching the sheer mesh of the hose as she continues to masturbate. Then she kneels up on the bed, yanking the seam hard and tight into her slit. She tears a hole in the crotch, so she can pleasure herself freely – the camera homes in for a close-up of her fingers gliding between her slick, fleshy folds.Next, she lies back, legs drawn up, and rips an even larger hole. She dips her fingers inside of her snatch and frigs herself, moaning rhythmically as her wet pussy walls slurp around her digits. As her excitement grows, she gives herself a horny foot massage through her pantyhose. Rolling over to lie half on her side, she continues to pound her pussy while giving both feet attention, contorting her body to reach them. This whips her into a horny frenzy and she shreds her pantyhose into tatters, gritting her teeth with a savage lust. On all fours, she reaches back, crying out with pleasure as she cums, bucking and trembling in total ecstasy. Finally, she lies back, her face serene and contented as she comes back down to earth…

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