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Kent Larson, Derek Cruz, Trevor Knight, Travis Carlson, Bobby Williams, Shane Collins, Clint Peak, Park Wiley, Tyler Stuart and Ivan Andros., (SD 544p), Going Under (avi/1.09 Gb/2019) Jet Set Productions

Hypnotic submission has never been as sexy as in this excellent Jet Set film. Kent Larson stars as the hypno doc who implants his subjects with very steamy ideas which they then carry out with hot results. Its a great movie which is definitely worth seeing-Никогда еще сеансы гипноза не были такими глубокими и горячими ....... Немного более подробное описание на английском For many years now, Andrew Rosen has been a popular editor, clipping to perfection the works of so many sterling directors. I guess he was paying damn good attention all those years, because with his directorial debut, "Going Under," he zooms head first into the high echelon of the directorial talent pile. The story combines plot and sex beautifully, with such ideal attention to detail. From the lighting to the editing (natch), from the casting to the scene order, its a slick eager production that truly satisfies. The acting is excellent all around, but the sex is even better. There is something very special about this particular cast and the roles they are given to do.